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Cars for kids. Photo memory game for kids is a classic board game that helps develop memory skills of children and adults. By playing this game you will practice memory and cognitive ability. The game includes photos of pets, plants and things like horse, dog, goat, child bike.

Photo Memory Game is a game for everyone, preschool children, school children, youth and adults. Contains simple and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. This photo memory game you and your kids have fun in the waiting room, car, restaurant or anywhere.

Frog for children and adults Catch insects, butterflies, flies, mosquitoes and grasshopper. Catch them in a meadow near a pond in the grass or in the woods. But be careful to put on ground beetles and wasps. A simple game Frog is ideal for spending time on the road, in waiting rooms or in stores. The game is intended for all children and adults. Everything is free. The game Frog is required numbers of insects caught in five game environments. Insects and environment are depicted realistically as possible is seen in nature.

This is common free interface for all applications EDUTAB.CZ. This app contains list of edutab.cz android apps. Please allow automatic updates to receive news. Our apps contains: puzzle for kids, memory games, edu games for kids, family games for free time, android games from real environment: cars, animals, stones, flowers, objects in our life.

Free android color book for kids. Draw and learn colors.

Free android shooting game for kids. Android with guns. Shoot the objects.

Android game with trucks. Simple game for small kids with garbage truck. Free android game.

Android game for kids. Android game for girls.Play with dolls for girls. Touch the screen and play with dolls, barbie doll, baby doll. The dolls are moving, rotating, jumping. Game for small kids learning playing with tablet. Game included barbie, carriage, baby doll, toys for dolls.

Free android puzzle for kids. Game included cars and trucks. New cars with puzzle update every month. Puzzle for whole family.

Free android puzzle for kids. Game included cars and trucks. New cars with puzzle update every month. Puzzle for whole family.

A simple game for learning the alphabet on android devices. Alphabet letters and numbers with the soundtrack. Simple operation with an audio guide.Game contains test mode to have possibility show / hide labels and voice guide.

Free android driving school. Simple android game with road signs. Do you want your children to know road signs ? The most commonly used traffic signs with label and with voice guide for children. The game includes free updates. Other brands continually add issuing updates. Signs for children, teaching brands in a fun way. Game includes signs with these themes: cars, motor vehicles, command signs, information signs, intersections and more.

Free educational android game for kids. National flags of all countries of the world. Voice guidance can read the names of states in Czech and English. You can also find all the information about the state. The application offers mode "test mode" (hide names), so that you can test your knowledge. Game features: state flag, reading the names, detailed information about states.

Free android cars for kids. Android playing carpet simulator. Play with cars like on playing carpet for kids. Free android game with cars and machines for babies. Play with cars and sounds in bird's eye view. Drive your car using fingers and change direction of the car. Game included several playing carpets. New carpets will loaded in future with application update. Free version including 4 cars and 2 walkers. Paid version contains 8 cars, 4 walkers, more backgrounds, no advertisement. Game contains cabriolet, jeep, van limousine, racing car.

Free android drawing for kids. Draw, paint and learn colors with sound guide. Draw and learn colors. Very simple program for small kids. Program contains basic colors: white, black, gray, brown, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, rubber. Your children can sketch pictures using different colors.

Free touch android game for kids. Free android game with cars for small kids. Play with cars and toys. Touch and move vehicles cars, jeep, ferrari, racing cars, bus. Touch the screen, random car will move across the screen. You can hold and move cars. This is game especially for very small babies. Just type the display and car moves, rotate, drive around screen. App included: ferrari, bus, tractor, motorbike, van, limusine, excavator, jeep, smart car and others.

Simple android game with trucks and tractors for kids from real environment. Android game with cars, tractors, excavators, from from agricultural industry. Cars for boys are flashing lights. Click and flash lights. Touch the screen and start engine. If you are interested you can list all other pictures of machines on google images directly from game. You can access youtube videos of machines on Youtube directly from this game. Text to speach engine will read the names of your machines. Game for small kids learning playing with tablet and kids interesting of machines. Game included tractor, excavator, trucks, car, van, harvesters, silos, horses, agricultural machinery, flatbed, animals, farming, nature and many other. New machines and backgrounds comming soon for free with updates.

Android touch game for kids. Free android game with cars and machines for babies. Play with real cars with real sounds and real backgrounds. Racing car, bus for kids, plane for kids, excavator, van car, aeroplane for kids, lamborgini, ,truck for kids, tractor for kids, motorbike for kids, ship for kids with horn, mini loader, tram, road roller, harvester, ambulance car, fire truck, formula F1, garbage truck, flying balloon, crane, aeroplane, limousine, carousel, rocket, shuttle, space station iss, lawn-mower, hymer car, caravan, monster truck for kids, snowgroomers, snowmobile and many other. Touch the screen and open the doors, rotate vehicles, drive the car, helicopter, police car, fire truck.

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